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Heroin Addiction Support -

Date Added: February 09, 2013 10:49:18 AM
Author: Brian Irons
Category: Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers: Drug and Substance Abuse
Heroin is a drug, which carries an excessive amount of morphine. Heroin is grown from the poppy plant. It is either brown or white power. The opium in the drug is what gives users a sleep-like momentum. Heroin is now handled by drug users who sell the substance to addicts to feed their addiction. It is now an illegal street drug and is made more lethal than morphine. Heroin users quickly develop tolerance and demand more to increase the euphoric and hypnotic state. Now the set up for Heroin-Overdose becomes successful. It so happens that people who overdose from this drug, fall sick, not because of taking an excessive quantity of pure heroin, but because of taking impure and adulterated doses. Heroin overdose rate has increased, due to the combining and mixing of morphine and opium with other chemicals. In society, Heroin has been banned. It is not used for any pharmaceutical purpose, probably because of its misuse. Adulterated heroin causes adverse health problem. Unmeasured dosage of heroin may lead to collapsed vein and damage to major brain organs. Veins become injured because of continuous needle injection. The impure additives cause clogging in blood vessels. One may wonder how an addict can overdose on heroin. There are symptoms experienced to notice this. One may have difficulty in breathing. The pulse becomes very weak along with a very low blood pressure count and the discoloring of tongue and pupils become constricted. The fingernails and lips turn blue, and muscles may develop spasms. If not treated and rehabilitated immediately, they may collapse and go into a coma. Heroin tolerance level is the dangerous part. Addiction to heroin, only leads to becoming addicted to living outside of freedom. Once the brain hasn’t had a certain amount of morphine (Heroin), it becomes agitate and aggravated at the same time. The cells in the brain cry out for more morphine. Cells are live DNA samples. Addictions controls cells and give them a belief of need. Cells have life. The more cells are destroyed, the greater chance for mental failure.